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While its name might suggest otherwise, there’s really no wrong time for a spring clean… it can do wonders both for your physical space, and your mental headspace. In fact, many of our clients in the Bromley area make use of our skip hire and grab hire services to do just this – get rid of clunky and unwanted items taking up valuable room in their property, whether it’s domestic, commercial or even a large industrial premises.

This article looks in further detail at the kinds of things you can put in one of Motion Hire Ltd’s skips. But please keep in mind this isn’t the only area in which we specialise: we also supply top soil and aggregates in and around the Bromley area. We have a huge variety of grades and types, but one thing is consistent across the board: when you choose Motion hire for aggregates and top soil, you’ll get a fantastic price, whatever the quantity you’re purchasing.

Things to Consider Cleaning Up Via Our Skip Hire & Grab Hire Services

Books, DVS & VHS Tapes
It’s true that most charity shops around Bromley will accept these items: and you should certainly consider helping them out should their stock be at the appropriate levels. But many find that they have heaps and heaps and heaps of old media, or damaged (e.g scratched DVDs, waterlogged or torn books) items that won’t be accepted due to either quality or quantity. This is where skip hire / grab hire comes in. Stick them in a receptacle and we’ll take them away for recycling and/or environmentally responsible disposal.

Old Furniture
Furniture can be a nightmare to dispose of once it’s run its course, being bulky and unlikely to fit in most cars to take to the tip. That’s where we come in. Skip hire and grab hire are ideal, the former if you think you can handle breaking up and disposing furniture yourself, the latter if the item is awkwardly located and very heavy – as the mechanical arm takes the load off quite literally.

Aggregates & Top Soil
Recently worked on your garden? Many of our Bromley clients don’t just use us to acquire top soil and aggregates, but to dispose of those they no longer need. We’re sure to recycle them, making them ready for the next client and ensuring your environmental responsibilities are met.

To discuss your skip hire or grab hire needs, or learn about the range of aggregates and top soil we make available to Bromley clients, call 01883 620 700 at your earliest convenience.

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