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Top Soil in Croydon | Nutrient-Rich Product for Landscaping Use

Located in Warlingham, Motion Hire Ltd covers the nearby Croydon area with two different waste removal services; skip hire and grab hire. The skip hire side of these services focuses on domestic and builder’s waste removal in small to intermediate volumes, whereas our grab hire services deal with large-scale requirements. This might include the removal of household or site waste in bulk quantities, or providing muck-away services for contactors.

Muck-away services in Croydon play an important role in other areas of our business. We process the waste derived from our skip hire and grab hire services to create aggregates and top soil, which go on to be used on domestic gardening, commercial landscaping and civil engineering projects across South London, Surrey and the South East of England.

We deliver aggregates and top soil to all Croydon areas, using our grab hire vehicles for convenient positioning of bulk bags at your home, site or development. Secondary aggregates reduce the need for freshly-sourced material so, whenever you choose Motion Hire Ltd for skip hire or grab hire services on a muck-away project, you don’t just benefit from our experience – you also play an important part in protecting the environment.

The Constituents of a Quality Top Soil

What a sizeable number of our domestic customers won’t realise, but landscapers and developers in the Croydon area do, is that a good quality top soil needs the correct blend of sand, silt and clay. A ratio of 60% of sand, 15% of clay and 25% of silt produces a nutrient-rich top soil perfect for growing plants and vegetables in the ground, or in a planter.

Motion Hire Ltd never supplies anything less than the best quality screened aggregates and top soil. It’s important to us that our customers receive the same standards of excellence from our role as a supplier as they do from our traditional skip hire and grab hire

A premium top soil contains the four following nutrients:

  • Magnesium
  • Nitrogen
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorous

All of these nutrient promote healthy turf, fruit, plant and vegetable growth, and help our Croydon clients and customers in maintaining a fertile soil base.

Magnesium – If the old leaves on a plant begin to show signs of yellowing in the veins, it indicates a lack of magnesium in the top soil. To photosynthesise properly, chlorophyll needs a high magnesium content. At Motion Hire Ltd, we process screened topsoil to the correct ratio so that plants always retain a lush, succulent and healthy appearance.

Phosphorous – For plants to develop properly, they require phosphorous. This nutrient promotes healthy root growth and stops leaf discolouration. The top soil we supply for projects in Croydon, derived from our skip hire and grab hire services, is rich in phosphorous and reduces the potential for dark green or purple colours in the plant leaves.

Potassium – Some aggregates, such as concrete, have alkaline content including potassium and sodium sulphate. The healthy growth of fruit, flowers and vegetable depends heavily on the presence of potassium in a top soil too. Indications of deficiency include dead or yellow leaves or, in a worst-case scenario, symptoms of plant disease and marginal leaf decay.

Nitrogen – Landscapers in the Croydon area know that the nitrogen content in top soil acts as the primary nutrient and any deficiency could arrest the growth of plants and discolour the older leaves. Too much nitrogen, and the leaves grow disproportionately. Getting the balance of top soil constituents correct is the only way to maintain correct nitrogen levels.

As you can see from the information above, Motion Hire Ltd takes as much pride in the processing of aggregates and top soil as it does in the delivery of our skip hire and grab hire services. There’s a reason why domestic, commercial and industrial customers from the Croydon area make us their first-choice aggregate supplier, and we’re continuously working hard behind the scenes to uphold the quality standards of all materials we bring to site.

To arrange delivery of aggregates or top soil to any location in Croydon, call Motion Hire Ltd on 0203 633 5068 (London) or 01883 620700 (Surrey).

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