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Setting the Bar for Skip Hire in Keston | Motion Hire

Many of those who take advantage of our skip hire service or grab hire service are homeowners hailing from Keston – many of who find us by searching for “grab & skip hire near me”. You might think it’s mainly those investing in extensions, refurbishments, and landscaping improvements – but skip hire and grab hire are also often employed as an essential means of ridding a home of all the rubbish it’s accrued; although grab hire may only be relevant when waste is located in very hard to access areas.

And while we’re always happy for the business, we thought we’d spend some time advising Keston clients on reducing household waste, so that at the very least, they can opt for a smaller skip hire solution and save some money!

Reducing Household Waste

Consider Packaging – Unfortunately, we live in a world where packaging is overused to an almost comical degree – individual fruit and veg in plastic wrap, for example. What’s even worse is when this packaging isn’t recyclable. Our skip hire professionals recommend that Keston residents keep a look out when next doing the shop for products that do not over use non-recyclable packaging.

Compost – Another great tip is to set-up a compost bin for green and food waste. This is ideal for green-thumbed Keston residents who save money not just on rubbish collection services e.g skip hire or a grab hire service when overhauling their garden (a common use of skip hire), but also on flower fertiliser. Win win!

Re-use Bags – While the so called plastic bag tax has led to a sizable reduction in plastic bag usage, they’re still fairly common, and forgetting a reusable bag is one of those classic moments we all experience from time to time. But they can be re-used, rather than thrown out, and prove handy in a pinch – for example if you’re popping to a Keston off licence or grocer for a few small items, making a full-fledged recyclable bag “overkill”.

First Choice for Skip Hire in Keston

Even putting time and thought into reducing household waste, you may sometimes find you require skip hire to responsibly dispose of it all. For example, you might be moving home, renovating the garden, having a thorough spring cleaning or making room for a conversion. So if you do require skip hire in Keston or grab hire in Keston, call Motion Hire for competitive rates and an unrivalled standard of customer service – we’re the answer to the question “who’s best for grab & skip hire near me?”

Skip hire and grab hire veterans Motion Hire cover not just Keston, but all surrounding locales. You can reach us on 01883 620 700.

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