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The skip hire services and grab hire services we provide the Mitcham area can be seen as a means of keeping construction sites safe; trip hazards are kept clear, and waste can be carefully managed. But the skips themselves still need to be used in a responsible manner. So here, we’ve looked to outline a few tips to do just that. More interested in getting a quote for skip hire in Mitcham or grab hire in Mitcham ASAP? Call Motion Hire on 01883 620700.

Tips for Skip Hire in Mitcham

Prepare a Space – Before the skip arrives, find a location that is both large enough and on flat and stable ground. The area shouldn’t be surrounded by any obstructions that could be a risk when loading or unloading the skip. It should also be in an area that, if you live in a fairly dark and unlit corner of Mitcham, folk are less likely to bump into! The same tip goes for creating a space for our grab hire vehicle before it arrives.

Avoid Overfilling – One of the most essential tips that all skip hire companies will be quick to extol, is avoiding overfilling. Remember, the skip need to be driven safely to our processing facilities, so we won’t be able to accept a skip that is likely to spill its contents. Mitcham clients who still have waste to get rid of need not fret, as we can empty it and leave you with a skip to continue using, should you require one.

Load Carefully – Skip hire companies often hear stories of those who have injured themselves while recklessly loading their vessels. After all, the convenience of having a massive receptacle can make you want to fling all sorts of waste in without too much further thought! But heavy waste, or waste with sharp corners and edges, should be carefully placed in to avoid such an eventuality.

Accommodate Hazardous Waste – While skip hire is a remarkably versatile means of ridding yourself of all sorts of rubbish, from unwanted construction materials to green waste, not everything can be placed inside them. We urge Mitcham clients to familiarise themselves with the list of banned waste types, and make accommodations in any project which might see them accumulated, or needing disposed of.

Our company answers the question: where can I find a high quality provider of grab & skip hire near me? So give us a call at your earliest convenience. Our friendly team are always happy to answer any queries regarding our famed skip hire service and grab hire service.

To learn more about the skip hire solutions we offer the Mitcham area, call our friendly team on 01883 620 700.

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