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Our Warlingham base allows us easy access to Purley, and as such we receive a lot of custom from clients in the area in need of skip hire and grab hire services, or materials like top soil and aggregates. The Motion Hire Ltd team, which boasts over 30 years of experience in the sector, offers an unrivalled degree of customer service. This manifests itself in free advice and quotes, competitive pricing, same-day skip hire and grab hire, an emergency line and an experience that from start to finish is tailored to you.

So if you’re in Purley and need top soil or aggregates for a development project, or need to make use of our skip hire and grab hire services to quickly and efficiently clear a site – pick up the phone and call us on 01883 620 700. In the meanwhile, we’ve looked to provide an article which discusses an import aspect of our trade – skip hire health and safety.

3 Essential Skip Hire Safety Tips

Prepare the Site for Arrival
The containers used for skip hire (and indeed grab hire services) require a solid, flat and free of clutter space to be put down. We urge Purley clients to identify this space in advance, ensuring that the ground is stable enough to carry the weight it will be subject to; likewise to clear it of any rubbish that might have accumulated.

Load Responsibly
This tip goes for both loading and unloading, and is of import to services other than skip hire like the supply of aggregates and top soil. Both amateurs and professionals working on developments around Purley should only carry a manageable amount of rubbish, top soil and aggregates at any one time. While you might fancy yourself as the World’s Strongest Man or Woman, it’s really not worth hurting your back or developing a hernia just to speed things up a bit! Take it slow and steady and lift with your legs, or utilise our grab hire service, which lets a mechanical arm take the load off.

Don’t Overfill
Once the skip hire or grab hire vessel you’ve chosen has been filled to the topmost part of its sides – stop loading! You might feel you can get an extra bin bag’s worth of waste in, but once again…. It’s simply not worth it. It’s against the law to overfill skips and will simply cause more hassle than its worth if spotted by local authorities, delaying your project and incurring additional fees. Instead, give us a call and we’ll quickly be with you to remove the current skip and replace it with a fresh one.

For high quality top soil and aggregates, or fast and affordable skip hire and grab hire services in Purley, give Motion Hire Ltd a call on 01883 620 700.

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