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Waste Management with Grab Hire Services in Swanley

Commercial clients can benefit from a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) at their Swanley building site, which includes skip hire and grab hire services. Not only will the removal of your waste products be organised and ethically disposed of, our grab hire team will also handle the top soil and aggregates you need to efficiently run a project from start to finish.

What is a SWMP?

A Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) keeps Swanley clients up-to-date with the amount of waste that is produced because of renovations, demolitions and groundworks. To estimate the quantity of accumulated waste, clients should calculate this before the project begins. An SWMP will help site managers and supervisors during the project to organise the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions to deal with waste removals, site clearances and deliveries. This can involve local skip hire and grab hire companies such as our own to supply building materials, including top soil and secondary aggregates.

Construction companies were legally required to have a SWMP in place for any demolition or building project valued at £300,000 or more. However, following its government repeal in 2013, a SWMP has since become a useful way for site managers to continue using as a basis for a smooth-running business. This report manages the incoming and outgoing supplies of top soil and aggregates, as well as recording the amount of savings that skip hire and grab hire services provide.

What a SWMP Does

  • Efficiently Manages Waste – A reliable skip hire and grab hire company will maintain waste collections to keep your site free from obstruction. Grab hire solutions can also reduce the disposal costs of your waste and lower the carbon footprint by transferring rubbish to a recycling plant in the local Swanley area. This will avoid landfill taxes too.
  • Prevents Illegal Fly Tipping – Swanley client still using SWMPs will find it easier to comply with the Environment Agency (EA) laws by disposing of waste ethically. A record of the waste transferred by a skip hire and grab hire company will keep an audit of the waste produced and how it is taken care of, such as a licenced recycling facility or registered landfill.
  • Encourages Eco-Friendly Objectives – Managing your waste with grab hire services promotes Swanley clients to reuse and recycle waste, like top soil and hard materials, which can be recycled into secondary aggregates for future building projects.

Benefits for Commercial Clients

  • A working SWMP enables Swanley clients to comply with EA regulations, helping commercial companies to carry out sustainable projects, conserve the environment and avoid prosecution or fines
  • Clients can easily record the volume and weight of mass-produced waste and meet targets for recycling top soil and aggregates
  • Savings are made when Swanley clients use one skip hire and grab hire company for site clearances and deliveries for top soil and aggregates, reducing emissions and energy costs
  • Recycling non-hazardous, biodegradable products will benefit other construction sites in the Surrey, Kent and London areas that we serve
  • Skip hire and grab hire services are conducted in a fast and efficient manner, with same-day collections available upon request
  • Using grab hire lorries with a hydraulic arm makes loading waste and unloading top soil and aggregates easier

Overall, by fulfilling an environmentally-friendly objective for your Swanley business, a successful SWMP will make you a far more appealing company for prospective domestic and commercial clients to collaborate with in the future.

For more info about how skip hire and grab hire services can help commercial clients in Swanley and the surrounding areas, call 01883 620 700.

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